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Entreprise LOT OF HOUSES is based in the Lot (46) in France. The company comprises of two types of trading companies: engineering (for surveys and management) and building (for building and renovation).
Entreprise LOT OF HOUSES is a in France registered company.


Project Management


Coordination on site is probably the least understood aspect of our services, proper coordination save you time and money, planning enables us to ensure that different tradesman do not cause unnecessary delays, that materials etc are delivered when necessary and that work is carried out in the correct order avoiding demolition and making good. All of our projects are coordinated using integrated project management software and regular on site visits .

Project management

We have years of experience in project management. Initially the language difficulty experienced by many of our overseas clients and their frequent absence from their building projects established a priority in this field.

From the initial purchase of the property to completion, we are at hand to guide the client. We will, if necessary negotiate on behalf of the client with the architect, the Maire of the village, the DDE (local council) and often with the Architect de la Batiment de France to smoothly obtain the necessary plans and permission required to carry out the project.

Our company's contacts within this area are vast and we personally know and work with and alongside the majority of local artisans, suppliers and subcontractors.

Once the project is underway, apart from our own building work, we will obtain quotations from the appropriate subcontractor or artisans for any other specialised work. We then formulate an overall quotation for the total project.

We ensure that the work is carried out correctly and efficiently and we liaise daily with the artisans and subcontractors to ensure coordination and continuity of work. We keep in constant contact with the client by either phone and/or e-mail, and if required send up to date photos of work being carried out and reports of general progress.

Good management, quality control and constant client contact are the essential ingredients for a successful building project and is our top priority. The client can rest assured that we will manage their project to a very high standard and can rely on our honesty, experience and knowledge.


Planning permission for new houses renovations we will help you obtain the necessary permits for your project. We are used to dealing with government planning departments and local authorities. By using space effectively and with style, we can create for you the living space you want. We can use computer aided design software when drafting your project. Planning permission is essential for all building projects, any work undertaken without the required permits is illegal, any work carried out on your property is your responsibility. Illegal Building work can be demolished.

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