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Entreprise LOT OF HOUSES is based in the Lot (46) in France. The company comprises of two types of trading companies: engineering (for surveys and management) and building (for building and renovation).
Entreprise LOT OF HOUSES is a in France registered company.


Building & Renovating

Building and construction

Creative and stylish buildings designed and built to your specifications by first class craftsmen and artisans to your requirements. We have worked with both national and international architects and designers, our experience counts! Most of the old buildings we deal with are built of stone, the oldest tend to be built of stone in a clay and lime mortar, with wooden lintels over door and window openings. Some of them have dressed stone window and door surrounds, some have stone sinks, stone stairs and flag stone floors are not uncommon. Depending on the condition, most of these features can be preserved if required. The building techniques used in stone built houses are not the same as those used in modern brick and block built houses,

Roofing varies from region to region we have come across roman hip tiles and peg tiles as well as various mechanical clay tiles of different types and of course modern cement based tiles. In certain areas slates are used, some are rough cut from the quarry others are split slates, some are shaped and some are random sizes, colors vary from buffs and beiges through to greens and grays to black. Limestone and various schist's are also used depending on the location. Each type of roof covering determines the supporting carpentry, the timber used can vary from hardwoods like oak, chestnut, and plane through to softwoods, in certain areas unusual techniques and timbers are used like juniper wood for example.nt. Lot of Houses is an official French registered company based in Prudhomat in the north of the Lot, and is owned and managed by Mr. Wilm Snellenberg.


Loft conversions, converting barns, mills and other buildings into well designed living spaces. We provide a complete service, from planning through to the realisation of your project, Planning and building regulations may impose constraints on the types of conversion that may be carried out on any specific property.


Extending up or out, sometimes adding a meter in height to a building can turn a simple loft into useful living space. We provide a complete service, from planning through to the realisation of your project. Planning and building regulations may impose constraints on the types of extension that may be carried out on any specific property.


We restore property of all types in the north of the Lot and south of the Correze. This area of France is well known for its beautiful stone properties. With our extensive knowledge and experience, we provide a unique service to our customers; we manage to fulfil the task to a high standard.
Our activities cover all aspects of the building restoration industry, from restoring old stone farm houses, barn conversions, ancient pigeon houses to restoring luxury estates.

We work with a team of highly skilled and conscientious French builders, as well as working with a very reliable team of skilled French subcontractors to carry out specialised work such as electricity, plumbing, carpentry, stone masonry etc. We are also extremely aware of our subcontractor's qualifications and quality of work and always supervise and control them.

Our clients requirements are our number one priority and whilst initially visiting their properties, we carefully note their ideas and give our assistance concerning planning permission, acquiring plans and give our expert advice as to the feasibility of their project. Our quotations are based on these visits and we do our utmost to establish correct and honest quotations. If unforeseen work is encountered, we always contact our client to discuss this before carrying out any further work. We are proud to confirm that, weather permitting, we work within a very strict time schedule and endeavour to commence and finish our clients work within the estimated period given on our quotations.


Restoring a property to its original condition. Using either traditional materials such as local stone, oak timbers, marble, slate, granite or schist, or modern building materials or a judicious mixture of both to achieve a perfect restoration. Our stone masons, specialist carpenters and joiners, zinc and lead workers and marble floor tilers are all highly skilled artisans.

We offer you the benefit of our expertise in the restoration, refurbishment and renovation offarmhouses, prestigious homes and historic estates, etc.
We draw on the same expertise and techniques as those of our ancestors: lime, stone, wood, terracotta and patinas. These allow us to breathe life back into old properties: renovation of exposed beams, French-style ceilings and arches, traditional timber frames, roofs made using old tiles, terracotta floors, etc.

Interiors - kitchens

For some the kitchen is the essential living space, for others the kitchen is an area of creativity and enjoyment, well designed and laid out kitchens should be inviting, easy and practical to use. We use both modern and traditional materials to create custom made kitchens to suit your requirements. Click on the picture to see an enlargement. Click on the back button on your browser to return to this page.

Interiors - bathrooms

Bathrooms; practical, luxurious, functional, a well thought out bathroom design, however bathrooms are incorporated into the the whole house and can take advantage of any architectural features from the obvious, disposition of windows, to the unusual, stone arches etc. A practical stylish bathroom can also be a room of relaxation and enjoyment.

In order to avoid unnecessary expense, existing water and waste pipes determine the position of bathrooms, however in major projects these can be repositioned.

Electrical installations in bathrooms and the disposition of fittings and appliances are strictly controlled in bathrooms.

Interiors - other rooms

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